Why IAS Is Best?

Why IAS is Best
Why IAS is Best
Why IAS is Best 1
Why IAS is Best?

The most important question that everyone ask is why IAS is best?

So your answer to this question why ias is best is here: IAS officers have more discretion when it comes to exercise of power and IAS provides the fastest promotions among all civil services in India. The social recognition and prestige of an IAS officer, particularly as DM, is far more than the other officer. Another important factor is faster promotion.

You can actually do some good for people and society with your power. You will get a reasonably good take-home amount at the end of every month as your salary.

Still wondering why ias is best? is IAS a good career option for girls and boys? is ias a stressful job? Must read out the below points to clear all your doubts

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Top Reasons for Being an IAS OFFICER?

Why you want to be an ias officer best answer is here! Here we have mentioned top reasons to aim for ias and why ias is best and a good career option.

  • If you clear the IAS exam, your life will take a delightful turn and it will be change forever. It also looks good when you get IAS tag after your name.
  • In this you’ll be having a job which is totally secure and your chance of getting dismissed is next to impossible.
  • While being an IAS officer you will have all the power that every IAS have. If you are willing to work for the betterment then you can also solve day to day problems of the society and for your loved ones.
  • Every individual wants to earn a good amount of salary and fulfil their dreams, IAS officers have a good amount of package which they get at the end of every month.
  • What’s better then having a nice bungalow and getting a personal government four wheeler, that’s what an IAS officer get.
  • Once you become an ‘IAS’, your level will automatically increase by getting experiences.
  • As you’re working at a big post and serving the nation, Depending on your position, you can also get chances of meeting the ‘PM’ of your country on priority bases.
  • When your parents will see you in newspapers and magazine , just think how super proud they will feel and obviously IAS is something different.

Is IAS A Good Career Options for Girls and Boys?

We always wonder things to go our way ,but everytime it’s not possible. If we talk about that Is IAS a good career option then the answer to that is Yes. IAS is one of the most respected jobs in our country which people also look after. Infact there are some well known UPSC writers who have this a dream to become an IAS officer.

Once you become an IAS officer, the respect and love you get from the authorities is the best feeling anybody can ever have. You can help in changing the governing bodies and can also help in developing the nation.

The maJOR reason to become an IAS officer is the esteem which an IAS officer gets and other than this the high salary of an IAS officer and other perks.

Hope you have got your enough answers of your questions why ias is best? People also ask that is ias a 9 to 5 job?


There are bunch of people every year who write the UPSC exam in order to become an IAS officer, but only some of them succeed, it’s because of that person dedication and hard work which leads to success. but if you are wondering or are confused, then this article will tell you why IAS is the best job UPSC has to offer.

The respect that an individual get from this job is very high, but this should not be the only thing that should drive you crazy. You have to work regularly in order to become the best and you should have that attitude of ‘keep going and never giving up’


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