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Top UPSC Myths

In this blog, we are aiming to bust some most popular myths about upsc ias exam. If you are an ias aspirant then you must read this blog.

Most popular myths about UPSC exam
Most popular myths about UPSC exam

Coaching Classes are Mandatory

If you are an UPSC aspirant then you must have heard from your fellow aspirants or family that you have to join coaching classes to crack upsc exam. Well! Yes, this is one of the biggest upsc myths. But my mates, this is absolutely wrong. In order to clear upsc exam, all you need is to prepare a time table, consistency, knowledge of syllabus and dedication.

You Must be an Expert in Everything

People expect you to be an expert in each and everything but UPSC test your general knowledge. This myth about upsc created a lot of burden in aspirants mind as they think that they should read everything even when its not related to their upsc exam syllabus. You should have a general knowledge on general topics. You don’t need to have knowledge about everything which exist on this planet. 

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An Aspirant have to Study 20 Hours

Like seriously? This is one of the most popular myths about upsc which we have heard till now. We can not deny the fact that an upsc aspirant should dedicate maximum time to their studies. It depends on your catching power.

You Have to be an Academic Topper

People often say that if you were a topper in your school or college then only you should start upsc preparation as only an academic topper can clear this exam. But this upsc myth is totally wrong. There are hundreds of examples where you can see that those who failed in their school times or were an average student have cleared the upsc in their first attempt.

Study dozens of Materials or Books

To clear this upsc myth, you should watch ias topper interviews in YouTube. Every topper advises to keep your resource limited. You do not need to study each and very material available over the internet or market.

English is Mandatory

This is a very common myth about ias exam that only English candidates can clear this exam whereas the reality is that upsc conducts exam in every state and every state has their own mother tongue. You don’t need to be an expert in English to crack the ias exam. Just basic English is required.

Prepare Notes for Every Topic

Preparing notes is the best way to study and in upsc preparation, it is required to make notes on every topic but in reality, if you will make notes for everything then it will be a waste of time. Syllabus of upsc ias exam is so vast so it is very important to filter out the topics.


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