5 Habits of IAS Toppers | Routine of IAS aspirant

Habits of IAS Toppers
Habits of IAS Toppers
Habits of IAS Toppers 1
5 Habits of an IAS Topper

In this blog, we will discuss about the habits of IAS toppers. Do you want to know about the daily routine of ias officers?

Are you trying to crack IAS? However, the thing is that the syllabus in this is very vast and sort of difficult. Consistency is the key to success and being consistent/motivated every time is difficult in today’s generation. But nothing is impossible, if one can do it, you can also. If you have the proper schedule of your whole day then maybe you’re one of the future IAS. Let us check out the top 5 habits of a IAS topper

Given below are some habits that one can follow to Clear IAS Exam.

Plan a Timetable

One of the most foremost things is to make a proper Time Table. It’s not only about making but also following the same. If you’re an IAS aspirant and trying to crack the UPSC exam then it is very important that how you plan and execute your day. Apart from this you should also have a schedule of physical activities and some relaxation exercise like YOGA that can make your mind relax from the daily stress.

Develop skills in writing & Stay updated with Newspapers

As we’re so much in a digital world, we have forgotten to read newspapers that we and our grandparents used to read every single morning. This is because of mobile and laptops that we’re living in every single day, for example if there is any news so we can easily take out our mobile phones and check, but if you’re preparing for IAS, you should have a daily routine of writing and reading as it will help you in UPSC exam.

Hope you are enjoying reading Must have habits of IAS Toppers

Follow Government websites and be your own MENTOR

If you’re trying to became the next IAS then it’s very important to stay updated in Indian and world politics so you can gather that information that will definitely help you in exams like civil services. It will boost your knowledge and will give you confidence.

Practice Concentration exercises

It sometimes become very hard for our brain to collect all the thoughts in ONE GO when we’re studying because of lack of concentration. The best thing you can do is take out some time and try to sit in silence and try to meditate which will help your mind to be calm in every situation of life and will even help you in preparing for IAS.

Commitment & Dedication

The journey to success is not as easy as some people think. You will face lots of problems like societal and FAMILY issues. There are lots of students who have even quit after 3-5 years of IAS preparation, but if you’re dedicated and have the will to face the thunder then only you can get success in this field.


If we talk about UPSC exams, so generally they are like marathon and running race. The one who will run fast and finish the race at position NUMBER ‘1’ , he/she will be qualified and has the maximum chance to become the next IAS.


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