Difference between Economic and Non-Economic Activities

Difference between economic and non-economic activities

In this article, we will learn the difference between Economic and Non-Economic activities. But before this we should know what is economic and non-economic activities.

We humans keep ourselves engaged in many different kinds of activities for satisfying our needs. These kinds of activities which are performed by humans are known as human activities.

Human activities are further divided into two kinds of activities:

  • Economic activities
  • Non- Economic activities

In simple words economic activities are those activities which conducted with an objective to earn money or gaining capital, whereas Non-Economic activities are those activities which are done with a motive to provide service free of cost.

Now Check Out the Difference Between Economic and Non-Economic Activities

Economic activity refers to a human activity related to production and consumption of goods and services for economic gain.Non-economic activity is an activity performed gladly, with the aim of providing services to others without any regard to monetary gain.
The main motive of Economic activities is to earn money.Non-Economic activities are done by humans as a Social work. These activities are performed with love and free of cost.
In economic activities, money is measured in monetary terms.Non-Economic activities Lacks money amount.
Economic activities approach is PragmaticNon-Economic activities approach is Idealistic
Economic activities result in Creation of assets and wealth.Non-economic activities result in happiness and Satisfaction.
Another difference between economic activities and non-economic activities is that economic activities contribute to national income.Non-Economic activities does not affect and contribute to national income.

Here we have mentioned the Key Differences Between Economic and Non-Economic Activities. Hope you have liked reading this article on economic and non economic activities examples.

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